Houston Apartment Locators Bad Credit
           Houston Apartment Locators are they a scam?

Here is the real TRUTH! Before I got into the Apartment Locator business I had no idea the way Houston Apartment Locators worked. I have always been a skeptic, I figured there had to be a scam somewhere. When I interviewed with my first broker I had many questions! When I walked out of the brokers office 3 hours later, I KNEW I had found my new occupation! With that being said, there are many Apartment Locator companies that I feel are not exactly on the up and up, MANY will offer REBATES UP TO $300 all over every page on their website. VERY FEW ACTUALLY PAY ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO THAT, IF ANYTHING! Its extremely misleading at best.

               This is how the HUGE REBATE SCAM WORKS!

Different Apartment Locator websites off up to, lets say a $200 REBATE on a lease when you list them as the company that referred you to the apartments you leased at. The website may even allow you to search a "data base" of Apartments on their website, how nice.

                There are many key points here...lets start with the "up to" $200!
     There is usually fine print buried somewhere on the website in a very hard place to find, it may say that "you must call us first before you call the property" but of course, you didn't look at the fine print, you leased an apartments and wrote down the Apartment Locator company, they get paid and you wait for the letter that said you didn't fulfill your obligations to qualify for the rebate. Even if you did this there may be many other exceptions, must be a qualifying property (meaning they must pay the website well) or you may have to sign a strange lease term, the list goes on and on. In short, you probably traded your opportunity to find a killer Apartments for a promise of a rebate that may never come, even if something small does trickle in, you still may have lost...how you ask?     

                                     I got a rebate how did I lose?

Ok, you were promised a $200 - $300 rebate , they actually sent you $75 and you feel like you did good, what is missing here. Think about this real hard! Have you considered that the rebate promiser may only give you a rebate on properties that will pay them extremely well? How can they give you anything if you lease a property that wont pay them?

                             MMmmmmmmmmmm.....maybe they should just show you SOME OF THE APARTMENTS, you know....the ones that will pay then the most! All of a sudden you are sitting there with a $75 check (promised $200) realizing that you may not have been shown all the apartments that were out there, and feeling a little..scammed. There may have been much better deals out there! Heck, you may have been able to save $75 a MONTH on a property that a rebate website wouldn't even show you...all of a sudden, you wonder what you just traded for a $75 rebate check.

        As they say on TV...WAIT...THERES MORE! Its a Numbers GAME!

These (some national big name) Apartment Finder Websites have no idea which apartments work with bad credit, bankruptcy, first time renter, broken leases or other issues such as misdemeanors or a felony. Say 100 people use this national website, perhaps 40 of them will get denied and LOSE THEIR MONEY, the national website WINS -YOU LOSE.

                                                     WE ARE DIFFERENT!

We offer personal service, we tell you WHCIH apartments will work with BAD CREDIT - BANKRUPTCY - FORECLOSURE - BROKEN LEASE - FELONY or a MISDEMEANOR.

We send you a FREE LIST of Houston Apartments THAT WILL WORK WITH YOU, we DONT promise rebates that you may never get, with us...you get SERVICE and a great new apartment..and of course, we DO ask that you list us on the application as your locator, no false promises, we are straight with you, and you list us on the application as your locator...good honest business, just like the old days!


The economy has caused a lot of people a lot of pain, you don't need to add even more paid by being denied by an apartment complex. We have seen folks that use to live in 4000 sq ft homes that they lost to foreclosure get denied for an apartment, what a slap!

We have the BEST online data base with photos, floor plans and prices, we know which apartments will work with broken leases, bankruptcy, foreclosure & bad credit

If you need a place to live and are looking for a second chance, please SEARCH HERE and we will find great apartments that WILL give you a second chance.

                                                     WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Houston Apartment Locators are they a scam? NO! Houston Apartment Locators can make your apartment search easy!
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